Training Activities

The training activities and programmes of the My Life Design Foundation are structured in 4 fields:

MyLifeDesign-New Way to be Humans

The training area to improve the quality of life, realize and waken awareness, increase the well-being and health. It is made by different training modules, practical mainly, aimed at experiment the potential of human awareness.

In this Field we include the development of a new paradigm in the formation of professionals based on awareness. It is structured for university students and professionals who are able to face complex emotional situations, such as for example the assistance to terminal patients, the solution of work related conflicts and who would like to face them in a more satisfying and aware way.

MyLifeDesign-New Leadership

The training area dedicated to the well-being in the work world to the stress management and the working life quality improvement.

It is made of different tools conceived to improve the leadership in teams in order to facilitate the reduction of stress and conflict in the work environment by promoting at the same time an ethical corporate management.

MyLifeDesign-Social Consciousness

The training field oriented towards the re-establishment of the relationships awareness among human beings and all life entities.

This area is oriented towards the redefinition and transmission of new evolutionary common models in all the social activities range:: economy, politics, architecture, nutrition, healthcare, education, human relationships and cohabitation. These models are based on the interdependence culture of life in all its forms and levels, on the concept that everything is part of one sole ecosystem, and it is based on sustainability, cooperation, inclusion, integration and unity.

MyLifeDesign-Natural Heritage

The field dedicate to the aware approach and relation among human beings and nature through the reintegration of the individual in the surrounding environment in order to facilitate a mature symbiosis and empathy aimed at developing the sensitivity and attention which are necessary to incentivize those attitudes and behaviours intended to protect and uphold biodiversity.