Projects promoted by My Life Design Foundation


Reconciliatory Justice ‘Free Inside’. 

A project by My Life Design Foundation in collaboration with Italian Ministry for Justice to support convicts in detention centres in Italy.

This project aims at achieving a dual purpose, both educational and for scientific validation. The first aim is to offer as many prisoners as possible the participation in training courses, in order to increase the positive well-being of the prison population and quality of secluded life; the training course would also help to nourish and reset relationships with other detainees and their families, avoiding a drift of progressive hardening and withdrawal from relational life, inside and outside the walls. The second aim is the scientific validation of the My Life Design® method and the ' Education for Awareness' approach, in order to test the effectiveness in lowering the predictive index of reoffending in the treated population.

‘Forgiveness Dialogues’  in Detention Centres. 

A project by My Life Design Foundation in collaboration with Italian Ministry for Justice to support convicts in detention centres in Italy.

The project is developed to provide tools and plant the seed of a reflection to explore that inviolable inner space where freedom can be expressed regardless of external conditions, and prepare fertile grounds where a new concept of man and humanity can blossom, finding new ways and opportunities. In that special place, every encounter is possible.



I'M HOME A project by My Life Design Foundation in collaboration with Antoniano Onlus, Associazione MyLifeDesign.

Following an agreement with UNHCR, the My Life Design Foundation, after promoting and raising awareness on the cause of refugees through various initiatives and public events both in Italy and abroad, subscribes its commitment by promoting through its patronage the implementation of this project through the Italian association My Life Design, promoter of the “Campus for Kids” (where children will be hosted free of charge). All the human resources involved, from those of the Antoniano Onlus to those trained through the My Life Design Foundation and the My Life Design Method by Daniel Lumera, are present as volunteers.

“I am home” is a project dedicated to disadvantaged communities that hope to “feel at home”,  anywhere and in any situation. Home, as opposed to house, is that intimate place where you feel welcomed and loved. Home can be any house. Home is related to the sense of security and confidence that resides in our innermost self, and in which we can find our resources. “I'm home” is aimed at refugees but also at homeless people, convicts and all situations in which an identity trauma occurs.



Education for Awareness Forgiveness Dialogues in schools

The aim of the project is to rediscover the ability of young people to forgive, and to develop a new generation of conscious individuals who feel responsible for their lives, society and their surroundings. In two years, the project has reached more than 6,000 high school students in Italy and 300 in Spain, bringing to the classrooms the theme of forgiveness as a new life and social skill. The project allows students, through a creative contest whose winning works are rewarded at the International Day of Forgiveness, to be aware of their ability to donate and the values of peace, integration and cooperation.Education for Awareness

Education for Awareness A red nose to talk about bullying

This project allows groups of kids, up to 100 at a time, to experience the three roles of the victim, the executioner and the spectator, who make up the scenario of so many episodes of violence. A space where, with the forgiveness and lightness of a clown, serious and deep themes are approached to find new and powerful resources to heal relationships and conflicts. The project wants to stimulate a new approach and understanding of the profound meaning of forgiveness as gift, acceptance and inclusion of the other person, love, freedom and respect.



Health and Wellbeing “Forgiveness and Healthcare”
A project within the Nursing Degree at the Orbassano Campus – Turin University (Università degli Studi di Torino) in collaboration with the My Life Design Foundation.

A pilot study on the effectiveness of the experimental pathway "The Seven Steps of Forgiveness" to improve relational skills for students in the Nursing Degree.The aim of the lab on forgiveness is to increase in the student the knowledge of oneself and own feelings, to improve the ability to take the point of view of others and to learn how to get rid of a negative state of mind.The choice of a path to forgiveness for students is aimed to lay the groundwork to develop sensitivity on the subject with respect to patients, and to offer the tools of forgiveness to a future operator through direct experience of the process.



My Life Design®. Awareness in Economy.

My Life Design® is the ability to consciously draw the trajectory of your life on a personal, professional, relational and social level. My Life Design® develops training programs focused on the ability to consciously create your inner and outer reality, becoming the creators of your life. It has been applied internationally in public and private companies, as well as to the education, prison and healthcare systems.
The My Life Design® methodology, the result of over 11 years of international experience and research, has been developed by Daniel Lumera and his team, and is described and documented in the 2013 Global High School Education Report by the Global University Network for Innovation, presented in the occasion of the World Conference on Management and Creativity, organized by the ESADE Business School, and published in 2016 in the ISTISAN 16/21 reports published by the Higher Institute of Health.




The International Day of Forgiveness is the main event of the dissemination activity of the My Life Design Foundation, and the most important event dedicated to the theme of forgiveness as a secular and universal value. It is an international stage where we bring together personalities from the worlds of culture, science and institutions, gathered in the spirit of promoting a culture of peace, awareness and social innovation. The International Day of Forgiveness hosts the award ceremony for the recognition of Forgiveness Ambassadors, for students and prisoners participating in the Dialogues of Forgiveness project, as well as individuals who have distinguished themselves in transmitting the value of forgiveness as a tool of building a society of peace, integration and cooperation. Participants, who have brought their experience to the stage, include doctors, scientists, magistrates, philosophers, economists, musicians, theatre and cinema artists. Several institutions joined in the first editions with their patronage: UNHCR, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Justice, the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rome Capital; the 2017 edition was awarded the medal of the President of the Republic. Personalities who have been awarded in the first editions are Don Luigi Ciotti, Renato Accorinti, Emergency, the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross, UNHCR, Tara Gandi. The 2017 edition has reached over 1,500 attendees.



Every year, Daniel Lumera, General Manager, and several representatives of the My Life Design Foundation attend scientific, business and educational conferences and seminars to divulge the paradigm of consciousness-based education. Over the last 3 years there have been about 60 dissemination events to which we participated. Among others: ESADE, IESE, Confindustria, Confartigianato, the international congress "Values in a changing society, the day of social innovation" at the University of Lleida.



The Foundation supports its social activities through charity and fundraising events, where artists and personalities from the world of culture make their talents available to promote the values ​​that the My Life Design Foundation is promoting.

In December 2016, Bollate's prison hosted the dialogue between the Foundation's General Manager, Daniel Lumera, and Alessandro Bergonzoni, an actor and writer, in front of a crowd of 150 people, including external audience and detainees. Story-telling and improvisations have represented the space of an inviolable inner place, from which the seed of an integrated, united and responsible humanity flourishes.

In 2018, chef Filippo La Mantia will host a charity dinner in his restaurant.  Amongst the guest there will be detainees in semi-freedom arrangements, who will help represent the encounter between the forms of inner and outer reality.