Fundamental principles and world view

Our world view integrates four fundamental principles which support a new paradigm of life: the causality of the human being, the existential happiness, the responsibility and the awareness.

A CAUSAL HUMAN BEING: the complete causality of the human being that creates all the aspects of its reality: thoughts, emotions, perceptions, relationships and situation that we live.

THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS: we spread a culture that intends the human happiness as innate and natural of the awareness. It is possible to educate to the happiness that facilitate the development of aware relationships and improve the quality of life and the well-being of the individual and of the society. 

A FULL RESPONSIBILITY: an education focused on the personal responsibility and on the development of the life skills.

THE REALIZATION OF THE PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE:  an education based on the development and the expression of one's talents, abilities and resources from which one can freely draw to realize the purpose of his own life.