We develop innovative methods to increase the interior individual abilities and to promote a social improvement.

The My Life Design Foundation, is a no profit organization classified as Charity and Cultural, built on 20th May 2008. Since it is registered in the foundation registry of the Generalitat of Catalonia, its statute allow its intervention in transnational matters..

The foundation is constituted by an international team and by a technical-scientific committee of high qualified professionals in the field of scientific research and innovation among which we find: doctors, psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists, PhDs and so on. They all share a development based on innovation and excellence.

We cooperate with the representatives of the most prestigious and acknowledged institutions. In the field of education and healthcare we would like to mention the Global University Network for Innovation of UNESCO and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

The methods and the techniques used in the training field deal with subject matters such as the education towards awareness, the transformation of suffering, stress and conflict management, the development of conscious relationships, the leadership and the education.

We develop initiatives and projects in order to create within the global panorama the spread and the strengthening of strong and authentic values to bring a personal, relational and social change and improvement.

Through cutting edge methods and tools, we promote health and well-being, life quality, life and social skills education, the cooperation and a culture based on awareness and peace.

We support an integrated lifestyle to boost healthy behaviours, conscientious and socially shareable individual choices.

Therefore the main intervention fields are the health, the scientific research and development, the higher education and instruction, the art and culture and the human rights.

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