About us

The Foundation inspired from the research and training on Life Design carried on by Daniel Lumera, and by a research and experimentation group created by himself.

Among the developed activities there are international projects with innovative argumentation concerning the well-being and life quality sciences, forgiveness, happiness and meditation. The research team allowed the suggested models and experiences to develop also in the scientific and philosophical field.

Since 2010, after almost 20 years of studies, there have been training activities, in different areas, in Universities through Masters, Specialization courses, Post-graduate courses and so on and in different professional fields, such as the medical and the healthcare ones. Those activities faced subject matters as the education towards awareness, the transformation of suffering, the accompanying of a dying person, stress and conflict management, the development of conscious relationships, the leadership and the education.

In 2013 Daniel Lumera founded the I.S.F. International School of Forgiveness, a training institute entirely dedicated to the deep impact of forgiveness on individuals, on relationships and on the society. The institute has its two main headquarters in Spain and Italy. In the same year was also launched the Childrens Forgiveness Programme, an educational path on forgiveness addressed to children, parents and teachers.


The education towards awareness, to happiness, forgiveness, love, cooperation and peace.

The strengthening of the inter-disciplinary research to improve the quality of people's life, relationships and organizations.

The creation of cooperation and collaboration networks with companies and institutions which have as main goal the education towards awareness, well-being and life quality.

The distribution of programmes and experiences which educate towards awareness, well-being and life quality.

The development of an international calling in different research and development programmes.