We must be happy. The best way to serve and love other is through our own happiness.
Daniel Lumera

Daniel Lumera is director My Life Design Foundation, teacher, international trainer, writer and lecturer.

At the present he directs the MyLifeDesign Foundation and he is the President of the International School of Forgiveness (I.S.F.).

His experience and his researches gave birth to the “Life Design” model, the aware design of one's own life, a training path which became systematic thanks to the work of a ten-year research team and thanks to the cooperation with universities, research entities of the National Healthcare Institute, with Guni UNESCO and the Club UNESCO for the Protection of Intangible Heritage .

In 2013 he was the only Italian researcher chosen to publish in the World Higher Education report of the Global University Network for Innovation of UNESCO.

He teaches “Public and private management to manage trust” and he is responsible of the research, development and Culture Club of UNESCO for the protection of Immaterial Heritage.  

He specializes in sociology of communication and cultural processes, by dealing mainly with the management of conflicts and stress. Among his classes we name “The science of happiness”, “The beliefs and the construction of reality: the code of success, work and life”, “Leadership and manipulation: how to stop manipulating and being manipulated”, “Forgiveness for health and in the relationships”, “Life Design: the aware design of one's own life”, “Meditation and life quality: a new way of being human”.

He integrated a lot of his researches in the university classes held at the University of  Girona (Spain), where he started teaching in 2010.

He developed and managed international projects with new subject matters in the field of well-being science and life quality, by deepening themes such as happiness, the nature of conscience, forgiveness, the benefits of meditation.

A key figure in his training was Anthony Elenjimittan, direct disciple of Gandhi, through whom he reaches the view of an education based on awareness, interculturality, cooperation and peace.