a project dedicated to children's post migration trauma

Following an agreement with UNHCR, the My Life Design Foundation, after promoting and raising awareness on the cause of refugees through various initiatives and public events both in Italy and abroad, subscribes its commitment by promoting through its patronage the implementation of this project with Antoniano Onlus and through the Italian Association My Life Design, promoter of the “Campus for Kids”  where at the end of the course, the children will be hosted in another initiative of inclusion and integration, a summer camp  where there will be children from all over Italy. The aim of the campus will be to make them work together and be able to create unity from apparent diversity and use this diversity as a gift and a source of integration and wealth. We will try to give them the feeling/perception/awareness of being home regardless of place or ethnicity. 

“I am home” is a project dedicated to disadvantaged communities that hope to “feel at home”,  anywhere and in any situation. Home, as opposed to house, is that intimate place where you feel welcomed and loved. Home can be any house. Home is related to the sense of security and confidence that resides in our innermost self, and in which we can find our resources...

“I'm home” is aimed at refugees but also at homeless people, convicts and all situations in which an identity trauma occurs.

All the human resources involved, from those of the Antoniano Onlus to those trained through the My Life Design Foundation and the My Life Design Method by Daniel Lumera, are present as volunteers.


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